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Client testimonials

Below are testimonials from customers :

"Anyone in hospitality knows how important it is that infrastructure is always operational and accessible to guests  .  Hospitality Internets service and products have freed up more time for  us as our internet service is one thing we just don’t need to worry about anymore .  The guest are always happy with the ease of access and if we have ever had a glitch their team is on it straight away."

Great service!

Paul & Gayle Creswick
Brinkley Resort
Methvern, Mt Hutt



A note to thank all of the Hospitality Internet Team for the excellent support you provided during the recent outage we had caused by lightning.  At short notice, your team was able to provide us with interim solutions until equipment could either be fixed or replaced.  This enabled us to maintain the high standards our guests have come to expect while keeping the downtime to an absolute minimum.

I am pleased to report all is now back to normal and running well.  Please pass our thanks on to your team and we will look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

Director, Glenfern Villas, Franz Josef Glacier



“We had been trying to get a suitable wireless system for our guests into place for some time but were becoming quite frustrated by the lack of suitable equipment and expertise available. When you contacted us we were at first skeptical but after meeting you and inspecting your product we were convinced enough to give it a try and have not regretted our decision. Our guests are at the top of the socio-economic scale and expect the best and we have had nothing but good comments from them regarding the system. We are now looking at installing a wireless internet system at our other property and you will definitely be the provider. Thanks again!”

Grant Wilkinson
Reflections Rarotonga

Well I’m pleased we went with you guys because we haven’t had one issue in all this time and with ***** we had issues every week.

So thanks for a job well done.

Graeme Latta
General Operations Manager
Quest on Mount

We had had a revenue sharing system installed some time ago however these cost me more up front and I had to share the proceeds. I could not be flexible with what I charged and couldn't even hand out the odd freebie's to my friends and family without being charged by the provided. We dont have that system anymore as the company "went bust" & took our system down with it. Not where we want to be again.

We are not particularly "au fait" with computers hence don't like changing guests PC settings for obvious reasons The system is automatic and very easy to operate which is a real load off us. The guests love the simplicity of the system.

We regularly ask our guests how they found the security of the system and its ease of operation. We have had 100% positive feedback on both accounts so it is nice to know that we have a system that is well protected and easy to operate.

We are impressed with the guys at Hospitality Internet as they really know how to do wireless properly. We know of several Motels that have spent considerably more setting up a wireless system only to have their systems removed because of poor installation, coverage & security.
Support is important to us. It is nice to know our system is being monitored everyday and kept up to date with the latest technology.

Neil & Margaret Brimblecombe
Barclay Motel

Now that we have had your Wireless Broadband system operational for a couple of months we thought a brief note to record our satisfaction appropriate.

We researched various options for some time before coming across your’s. The others required either excessive capital cost or potentially burdensome ongoing usage payments (or both).

Given the very significant cost advantage you offered we were a little apprehensive that you may not in fact be able to actually provide a robust competitive solution. Much of this apprehension disappeared after your site visit and particularly when you immediately proceeded to install the hardware and get us up and running.

We have had absolutely no issues, users love it and most interestingly, because of the nature of your system, on opening their wireless application guests from surrounding motels are welcomed to our Hotspot. We have secured a couple of those as convert customers!

We do believe that in the near term pressure will mount for Internet access to be complimentary and the absence of any usage based fee arrangement will be critical. We do already provide free access to our most regular guests.

So, in summary we are well pleased with our decision to install your system and look forward to an ongoing relationship.

Greg Lancaster
Benvenue Hotel

The wireless is going very well for us with good demand from a wide cross section of customers.  Also, realy great reliability and support!

Bill & Barbara Charlton
Summit Motor Lodge


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 I looked at some other systems that did revenue sharing, but these cost me more up front and I had to share the proceeds. Plus I could not be flexible with what I charged and couldn't even hand out the odd freebie's to my friends and family without being charged by the provider. 

Nigel Davidson
Cornwall Park Motor Inn