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Serving Secure Wireless Internet to your Guests

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Free System

Want no Monthly Fees??

Then how about a system for FREE!*

That's right...we will give you a WiFi billing control gateway.  Unlike some of our competitors, it won't cost anything PLUS it is a fully weather proof outdoor unit which will give you much better coverage than a box stuck indoors on a desk! 

We send you a ready-to-go WiFi router which you simply plug into your existing broadband router.

When accessing the WiFi your guests/patrons will be met by our greeting page.  From there they gain access by using credit card, Payal or coupons.

When a sale is activated you, as the host, will receive 60% of the transaction. You can only ever make money.

Access options are:

  • 1 Hour (total time, multiple logins)   $3
  • 1 Day or up to 400Mb of data           $8
  • 3 Days or up to 1Gb of data             $15
  • 7 Days or up to 2Gb of data             $26
  • 31 Days up to 8Gb of data               $58

We will send you some tokens to get you started.  These tokens will also be complementary so long as you have your device up and running withing 2 weeks of us sending it to you.



 *This special offer is available to members of Hospitality NZ and Motel Association NZ who are actively operating a hotel, motel, hostel, campground, cafe, restaurant, bar or other location where people need to 'get online'.  The device is provided to you free and is simple to install but, if you're not the handyman type, you may incur a cost to have it installed by your electrician, or similar trades professional.  The device runs on a standard mains power outlet so there should be no need for expensive wiring.  The WiFi device remains the property of Hospitality Internet Ltd and should be returned if no longer required.

If you want the option to charge whatever you like, or even give access for free, then please click the link below and consider one of our professionally designed custom solutions.  These are supplied on a 'flat fee' basis that includes a service contract.  Click here