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How it works

Your WiFi network is ‘advertised’ though the air to anybody with a standard 802.11b, 802.11g or 802.11n wireless interface card.  Most laptops and PDA (personal digital diaries like pads, phones and tablets) have "built in" wireless.  If the person then chooses to connect to your network, they will be accepted and automatically redirected to a login page similar to the one shown in the graphic below.  This happens regardless of what their normal home page is and without upsetting or having to change any of their computer settings.  This page contains the login requirements to access your wireless network.

This page may also contain information on pricing and where to go to obtain their access, such as your reception for instance.  Any of your staff, no matter how non-technical they may be, can create an access account and bill for the customer with the press of a button on the account generation printer.

The customer pays the bill (or it is added to their room charges) and is then presented with a receipt detailing charge and login account details. The customer then enters in the user ID and password supplied to gain access for the determined amount of time, and at the speed, that you specify.  The same login process can also apply to a Kiosk style PC that can be used by customers that have no laptop computer with them.  We can supply a Kiosk screen or you can connect to an existing computer on your premises.


Your system comes standard with many features that are often overlooked, such as security between your connected customers, called VLAN, and Private Network pass through for customers that belong to corporate networks.

The VLAN feature protects each individual wireless client from every other connected computer, to stop potential hackers from attacking other users.

You can create the login account based on time or the amount of data your client can download.  New Zealand is one of the few countries where we have to pay for data usage.  Therefore it could be important to limit the amount of data that a customer can consume.  Our systems allow you to limit bandwidth usage and time.

We will help you identify charging plans that suit your business - and your guests.

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