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The equipment

Technology need not be ugly. The equipment we provide you is stylish and discrete.

Whether you decide to choose one of our 'Fully managed' or 'Free' systems all our antennas and access points are aesthetically pleasing. There are no unsightly extrusions to detract from your decor.

We can also provide UNLIMITED (no cap) ADSL2 connections with 'business grade' speed for just $149+gst /m

printerThe account generator/printer
This is about the same size as an eftpos machine and is all you need to operate the system.  We have a range of Internet gateway servers that we match to each clients unique requirements.  They have between 3 & 9 programmable buttons giving you between 6 & 9 billing plans.  Each server has specific programming for use in the market where it has been implemented.

Time WiFi billing Gateway Server 

We use antennas that are unobtrusive

                       Account generator/printer                


Data & Time WiFi billing Gateway Server

Only VLAN enabled Wireless access points are used to allow users of the network to be securely isolated from one another.



Contact us now for a firm quote to provide broadband Internet access to your accommodation guests or your potential business hot spot!

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