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Serving Secure Wireless Internet to your Guests

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Why choose us?

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Hospitality Internet makes it easy and financially viable for you to offer wireless Internet to your guests.

You just pay an installation fee of $199 (contact us if you are a member of Hospitality NZ or Motel Association NZ for a special deal).  For that you will get an actual engineer, onsite anywhere in the country, to professionally design and implement your system.*
We can even assist if you don't currently have fast Internet broadband connected at your premises.**

You then pay us a monthly service/lease (typically between $115 to $199 month, depending on the size of your premises) and we support, monitor, update and guarantee your service.  There is no big capitol outlay.

You don't pay us a commission on sales.  You can give it away to some and charge others, the choice is yours.

Our systems are not just of a superior quality and coverage, they are actually more profitable too.  We will even 'guarantee' the WiFi coverage of an area that we have designed.

Important features that are often overlooked are also taken care of by us…

  • Clients connecting to your Wireless network are segregated for security.  No one client can connect to any other (VLAN).  A lot of Hotspot equipment will allow persons to see, and potentially try to ‘hack’, other guest computers connected to the Hotspot...the ’hacker’ need not even have been granted access!  Our systems create unique pathways for EVERY client as a standard feature.
  • Many business travellers require secure (VPN) access to their corporate networks and email redirection.  All our systems support this without them having to change their settings.
  • All access account generation and customised billing are taken care of, you just dictate the options.  You can have up to ten different connection plans available...all done at the press of a button on our dedicated account generator.  There is no need to operate a computer so even the most 'technophobic' of us can operate the system with ease.
  • Security features within the system detect and block fraudulent connection attempts.
  • System is super flexible, allowing extra Access Points to be added to cover larger or growing areas.
  • No need for users to have to reconfigure their network settings.  The system is super intuitive.  Just connect and go!
  • Ability to integrate with traditional ‘wire’ based network users, such as a Kiosk PC, maintaining all the same functionality.
  • Support and service of your equipment can all be handled remotely.  The cost of which is already covered along with repairs, upgrades and support via our 0800 number.
  • All features are contained within the system itself.  There is no need for complicated external computers and systems.

Whatever your configuration, the return on investment is impressive.  PLUS you get to offer an extra service and attract new business at the same time.

When your potential guest next ask you if you have Internet access, there is a great deal of satisfaction in saying “Yes, how much would you like?”

Contact us now for a firm quote to provide broadband Internet access to your accommodation guests or your potential business hotspot!

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Freephone: 0800 483 786 - anytime
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*All our Engineers consultancy time is covered by our one off install fee. However, we may require the involvement of your Electrician if extra power and data cable are required.**Broadband connection fee and monthly fees will still apply from your supplier - eg Xtra, Clear, Slingshot or any other provider you may prefer..

Lindy says

Service great, communication excellent, support there for techno incompetents like me. I have learnt so much and now feel I can assist my clients with a little more knowledge

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