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Media Casting

GuestCaster, an awesome product developed by us at HIL.

The most cost effective solution for a guest to cast, mirror and stream to their in room TV!

  • Allow guests to Chromecast® from their own smart devices to the in room TV.

  • Works with Android and iOS

  • Private, personal and secure. The guest will only have access to the TV in “their room”.

  • You don’t need smart TV’s – As long as your TVs have an HDMI port they will work with Guest Caster.

  • Cabling optional!  Runs over our WiFi for simple cost effective installation but can run on cabling also.

  • The GuestCaster service is built right into our guest gateway server so no extra server hardware is required.

This means a guest can use their personal services on the TV in the room such as Netflix, Neon, YouTube, Sky Go, TV on demand , etc.

Background: Chromecast can’t normally work on a secure public WiFi service, that’s because we are isolating and protecting guest devices from your network and each other.  You don’t want the guests to see dozens of available devices on the network!!  We allow each device to the Internet and nothing else!

But with GuestCaster we can achieve this goal by allowing the guest a private little WiFi service just for their room, as if they were at home.

Prerequisite: GuestCaster runs from the existing Hospitality Internet WiFi service that runs throughout the building.  You will require our latest hardware so please check with us to see if you qualify.

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