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Managing your account

To make changes to your account goto

Login with your full user login and WiFi password.

The instructions below will guide you through 


Update your credit card


If your card has expired or needs to be replaced or updated please do the following.

1.  Click Service account

2. Auto Payments

3. Remove Card

To add the new card click Activate and enter new card.

View and download Invoices


Click Service Account - Invoices

This will list all GST invoices. Click the invoice that you want to view or print.

Reset your password

Reset pw

The password that you set, when you created your account, is the same as the WiFi password.

If you need to change the WiFi password then you simply change your account password and the WiFi password will automatically change also.

Password must be a least 8 characters long!!

1. Click Customer Details

2. Click Set Password

Note: It can take up to 20 minutes for your WiFi password to change.

Cancelling your subscription

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There is no contract on your WiFi subscription. It will run for as long as you have a valid payment method loaded or until you choose to cancel the subscription.  Please note that when you cancel the service it will end at the next due billing date. You will not be billed again once you have cancelled but you can not cancel a "partial month" or in the middle of an already paid month, so plan ahead. 

1. Click Customer Details

2. Click your Username and plan







3. Click the 'terminate' button

4.Tickl YES to confirm on the popup box 

5. Click Proceed











6. You will get a confirmation. If you cancelled by accident you can click cancel to revert the cancelation, otherwise the service will end on the date stated.









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