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My login isn't working. The most common issues with login are ... 1. Device key pad automatically adding a 'space' at the end of a login or username. A space is treated as a character and this can be hard to spot. For example if your login is "myid" and you have typed in "myid " then it won't work. make sure there is no space at the end. 2. Please take a note of the 'error message' that you see when the login fails. The error message usually indicates the probem. For example "out of credit" or "too many sessions" meaning that you already have the maximum number of devices logged in for your account and will need to log one of your other devices out.

My device keeps asking for my login details too often.

I connect to the WiFi Hotspot but no login page appears. Normally, the WiFi login portal will appear as soon as you click to join the WiFi Hotspot. But sometimes devices do not automatically "pop" this screen. To make it appear, open your browser and type in http://hello.wifi Be sure to type it in exactly as shown (eg. NOT https://hello.wifi) And of course thislink will only work if you are connected to the WiFi hotspot so make sure you are actually connected and you hit enter.

Whats the difference between the naked WiFi and the private room WiFi?

How can I manage my private inroom service?

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