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Tenant WiFi and Internet


If you are living in an apartment building we have great options for your Internet.

There are two services that we offer in apartment style accommodation.


    There is "naked WiFi" which is a building wide "public" HOTSPOT service

    Or we offer an "in room" private WiFi service.

Naked WiFi:

There will be a WiFi throughout the building, typically called "HOTSPOT" in the name of the WiFi (or SSID).


If you connect to this WiFi you will get a "popup" portal web page inviting you to login or to purchase an access.

There are two options and there are no contracts for either.  

Option 1 is very quick access, you can pay and be online in less than a minute and is designed for a one time use or for someone who isn't planning to stay at the location for more than a few weeks.

Option 2 is a bit more flexible in that you can create your own customised login and "top-up" your account each month while keeping the same login details. It also has rollover data if you haven't selected an unlimited plan.

Click here to detailed instructions

These services offer great value with Unlimted WiFi for just $34.90/m (limited to 2 devices at a time) or $59.90 for 7 devices

Tip:  You may see one SSID with a "5G" included. This means that SSID is running the faster 5Ghz. Connect to this one is you can for faster speed but you may find the non 5G slower but more reliable. Choose the one that suits you best...they both to so the same internet.

Pros: No contracts. Covers the whole building. 

Cons: Due to the designed security restrictions of operating on public WiFi you can't run devices that don't have a web portal, for example, Chromecast, some Smart TV's, WiFi printers, Alexa.  For these services please consider the service below...

Private in room WiFi:

As the name suggests, this is a personal WiFi network just for you.

Choose your security code and connect as many devices as you like with Unlimited data.

Pros: Automatic monthly billing, Unlimited devices, run ALL your WiFi devices and connect between them (eg. Chromecast). Cheaper, as low as $49.90/m unlimited.

ConsOnly accessible in and around your apartment.

From just $49.90 (incl gst) per month for Unlimited Internet we offer your tenants the best value Internet in the country.

If you think your building could benefit from this service please ask your building manager to contact us.

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