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Phones, VoIP and PBX

Save big $$ on your telephone costs…

Utilizing a VoIP PBX can dramatically reduce your Telco costs!

An IP PBX is a computer based phone system that can save you a great deal on your telecommunications costs.  Instead of paying for multiple phone lines you can use a
single Internet connection to deliver multiple voice channels.  Now you can save further still with free or, at worst cheap, calling rates.  And you get a new phone system to boot!!

By utilizing a phone system from Hospitality Internet, and using 2talk, you can get five phone lines for just $35/month (+gst), what’s more this includes 6000 free minutes per month of national landline and 2000 selected destination International minutes and 50 NZ Mobile minutes.  (Mobile calls are charges at 12c/min+gst and extra minutes over 2000 are just 5c/min) You will now only require ONE phone line from your Telco provider and yet you will still have access to these multiple, simultaneous, voice trunks!

  • So how many telco lines do you lease now?

  • What do they cost?  PLUS calls on top!

You will get a new fully featured phone system with auto attendant, voicemail and hotel/motel features that allow you to lock and unlock rooms and auto bill customer usage to most PMS systems. (Click here for an overview of the Hotel features ) What will it cost? (these are just an indication, costa are per month service and lease excl gst))

  • $240 – 3cx PBX hardware, license and support with connection to 24 existing room phones and new IP console for reception. More extensions are possible, this is just an example.

  • $35 – 2talk Business Value plan. (6000 local, 2000 intl and 50 Mobile minutes) $10 for extra 100 mobile mins

  • $7 –  0800 number and 5c per minute to receive calls (25c Mobile).  You do not require a separate line.

The service and lease cost of the PBX ($240) is paid to us.  The payments for the 2talk connection and 0800 number are paid directly to 2talk themselves. Setup and programming of the PBX is covered by us but there will be a fee for the physical connection of the existing room phones to the new system.  This involves taking the extensions from the existing system and bringing them across to the new one.  This will be roughly $500 but we will have to come and have a look to be sure.

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