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Accommodation WiFi


“We will guarantee you the WiFi coverage of the agreed area!!”


HIL specializes in the design and implementation of quality guest WiFi.

We don't just sell boxes, we supply results.

All our systems are custom designed to the individual needs of the accommodation provider, be it hotel, motel, holiday parks or anywhere you need to get your guests and customers online.  We don't have a "one system suits all" model, we will design the service to meet the needs that you dictate be it for free access, free with data limits, acceptance of T&C, changeable codes, individual tailored access. We'll make it do what you need.

Please take a look at how we can also deliver multimedia casting and WiFi phones.


Whatever system you choose you can be assured that it JUST WORKS.

All our systems are monitored daily right down to each individual piece of hardware. If a component fails then we will replace it.

The configuration of your guest WiFi service is not set in stone, we can change the setup, at any time, for not extra charge.


Public WiFi is not like using WiFi at home. There are devices sharing the network that need to be kept private and apart from each other.

To this end we employ a technology called client isolation VLAN. This means that no device on your network can see any other device on that network, as far as each client device is concerned they have access to the Internet and nothing else.

Not only are clients kept safely apart from each other so it your own data network, eftpos and computers.

Corporate and Admin WiFi included:

Not only your guests benefit from your new HIL WiFi service. 

We can also create separate WiFi networks for your administration, surveillance, smart TV's and any other services that need site wide connectivity.


Our systems do not require a large capex outlay.

We supply all our systems on a service fee basis which includes our 'endless' hardware warranty. So you will never be left with a failing system. 

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