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Serving Secure Wireless Internet to your Guests

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Hospitality Internet ~ Serving Secure Wireless Internet to your Guests
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Welcome to Hospitality Internet

" Your guests are making decisions about where they stay based on high speed Internet access availability. "

Thank you for landing on our web site. Hospitality Internet has the answer to help you meet your guests demand for broadband high speed secure Internet whilst they enjoy your hospitality.  After sheets and pillows, reliable Internet is now the most important service that you can offer, so it needs to "just work"!

Whether you want charge for it, give it away for free or a combination of both, HIL can provide the complete and simple solution for you.

If your rooms are already hard-wired for Internet access, we can provide the ideal billing solution.  If not, we install wireless access points on your premises, so every guest room has a strong signal for an Internet connection.

“We guarantee you the coverage of the agreed area!!”
- We specialise in, and welcome, difficult Wireless environments.

In either case, you simply press a button on the supplied printer to create a login for your guest, and their bill is automatically calculated, invoiced and printed (you decide the plans and prices or we can change them anytime!). It is as simple as that.

A Hospitality Internet system is...

  • Secure: Clients are protected from Hackers... and each other... with our client privacy feature.
  • Simple: You need only press a button to create instant user access.
    No ordering 'scratch cards' from us, no having to change clients PC settings.
  • Flexible: You don't even have to use a PC to operate the system. Simply press a button. All functions are contained within the system itself. In the case of wireless, add extra access points to increase coverage as demand grows. You can even have a KIOSK type PC that operates through the system for guests who don't have a PC or PDA with them to get their email.
  • Supported: We maintain all aspects of the system remotely for you and make sure the equipment is compatible with the latest technology.
  • Profitable: We do not attempt to share in the revenue you gain from your system. You keep 100%.
  • Future Proof: When technology changes we will change with it.
  • Ideal as a hotspot service at places where people congregate - i.e. cafés, airports etc.

We can even provide you with UNLIMITED data ADSL2 connections with 'Business grade" speeds.

Contact us now for a firm quote to provide broadband Internet access
to your accommodation guests or your potential business hotspot!

Call Hospitality Internet 
Freephone: 0800 483 786 - anytime
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Use our WiFi network to the max by adding

Most of our corporate customers now have laptops with wireless modems built in - they just click their modem icon and away they go. Simple, convenient and fast.

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